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  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, or legal recreational drugs

  • No tobacco smoking except in the parking lot.

  • All enter camp building to pay BEFORE sauna.  Do not walk down the open path from the parking lot directly to the sauna.

  • We are a volunteer-run, family-oriented, community.  Please be considerate of others in your behavior and language.

  • Children 5 & older must use gender appropriate sauna.

  • Children under 12 must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  • No glass in the sauna or at lakeshore

  • Keep railings and walkways clear.  Do not block with towels, sandals, etc…

  • No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk – be aware of boats.

  • Swimsuit/covering must be work outside at the lakeshore.

  • Close the sauna door behind you QUICKLY to keep heat in.

  • Clean up after yourself, including leaves from birch/vihta branches.

  • No essential oils permitted in sauna.

  • Conserve water by using buckets to wash and taking short showers.

  • Only the SAUNA CUSTODIAN who is on duty may add wood to the sauna fire

  • Kitchen use is only for UKTS Members.

  • Friends and Guests may bring your own snacks or picnic but should not use the kitchen or dishes.  Please clean up after yourself, carry out what you bring in.

  • Feel free to fill your water bottle at the kitchen sink.

  • No Dogs allowed at the camp, sauna, or shore.

  • No fishing at the lakeshore by the sauna building at any time.

  • The UKTS is not responsible for items left behind.



Who may come to sauna?

  • The UKTS is not open to the public due to the regulations of the Town of Pembroke.

  • Space is limited so Members and Friends of the UKTS and their guests are prioritized for entry.

  • All invited and accompanied guests of Members and Friends are welcome!

  • Guests must sign in and pay at the camp building along with the Member or Friend who invited them so they may proceed to sauna together.  All are welcome to wait in the camp building and enjoy coffee table treats until your whole party arrives.

  • Those who don’t know a current Member or Friend may arrange for a visit by emailing

  • Guests should not arrive at the UKTS until their visit is confirmed via email.

  • It is encouraged that individuals be healthy enough to withstand the heat of the sauna.

  • The UKTS is a family-oriented community, and many families attend with young children, even newborns.

  • We also have many individuals visit the sauna well into their 80s and 90s.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • CASH to pay for sauna, snack donations, bottled water, soda, and sauna custodian tips.

  • Swimsuit, towel, toiletries - You must to wear a bathing suit or other covering when outside the sauna building.

  • You may also bring soap, shampoo, and other items you may use to wash.

  • Drinking water - please be advised that glass is NOT permitted in sauna building or at the lakeshore. UKTS sells bottled water for $1/bottle.


Are bathing suits required?

  • Bathing suits are optional when inside the sauna building and are required when outside.

  • Please dress when going up to the camp building to refill water bottles, use the bathroom, etc.  Swimsuits and bare feet are discouraged in the camp building.

May I come with a Group? What size?

Guests are welcome at UKTS! Unlike some other saunas UKTS is a family oriented, volunteer run community and Finnish cultural center.  UKTS is not a spa. Many come to the UKTS week after week.  Most people come alone, with a partner, or with their family. Groups that understand what makes UKTS uniquely special will have a great experience and flow with the culture of the camp.  The info below should help you plan your visit. 

  • Please be aware that the sauna building is divided into men's and women's sides. The facilities are rustic and cozy.  The changing room, shower, and sauna are communal on each side.

  • UKTS camp and sauna are not available to rent for private use.

  • For everyone's safety and enjoyment please read all FAQs and rules before your visit and share this info with all in your group.

  • UKTS has an active family-oriented, all-ages community in regular attendance.

  • Both men’s and women’s sides of the sauna may accommodate about 20 people at a time. 

  • UKTS does not reserve times. You can stay as long as you wish once sauna fee is paid up until closing time. 

Do men and women use the same sauna?

No. The sauna building has one side for men and one for women. Each side has its own changing room, shower room, and sauna room. Children 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by and adult at all times. Children under under 5 may accompany their adult on the men or women's side. Children 5 and up must use gender appropriate side of the sauna.


Can we bring alcohol?

No, alcohol is not allowed to be consumed or even brought on to the UKTS property.  Temperance is at the core of our organization, and we ask all members and guests to respect this rule.  Any individual being found with alcohol, illegal drugs, or legal recreational drugs, will be asked to leave without refund.


How hot does the sauna get?

The temperature inside the sauna ranges greatly depending on where you sit.  The lower the bench, the lower the temperature and vice versa.  Typically, the temperature near the top bench is 200-210 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is a dry sauna, which means the humidity is typically less than 15%, which allows for a more bearable heat.


Where is the UKTS?

Our facilities are located at 83 Suomi Road in Pembroke, MA.  After parking you will make your way to the large, red camp building to check in.  The camp building and check in are located up the small hill in the left corner of the lot, opposite the lot entrance.  Please do not proceed down the path on the right toward the lake and the sauna building.  If you are a Guest, you are welcome to wait in the camp building until your hosting Member or Friend arrives.  Enjoy our UKTS community, coffee table treats, and old-fashioned sodas!

Please contact if you have any specific questions prior to your visit.

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