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The UKTS is raising $10,000 to replace our sauna stove!

Our sauna stove is the beating heart of the UKTS and we need a heart replacement next year!  The project is planned for June but we need to raise funds now to ensure we don't deplete our finances and build a strong UKTS for years to come.  We have secured an installer who is working on the final designs and the custom fabrication. We are also planning the surrounding masonry and carpentry work to complete the project.  We'll include you in updates and find unique ways to recognize you and all of our sauna stove donors as a critical part of the project. 

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your generosity!

FYI:  Dues and sauna fees may only be paid in person at the UKTS. We do not accept mailed checks or website donations as payment methods for annual dues or sauna fees.                     

Make a charitable donation today!

No matter if you have visited the UKTS Finnish Sauna in Pembroke just once, or you are a regular Visitor, Guest, Friend, or Member, we thank you for your continued support.


For nearly 100 years we have strived to provide an affordable and family friendly atmosphere where all are welcome to take a break from everyday life and spend a relaxing afternoon among friends and family. Our authentic wood-fired Finnish Sauna is a truly unique place and would not be possible without the support of our Members, Friends, Guests, and volunteers who spent countless time and energy working to maintain the grounds and facilities over the years.


In the last few years alone we have:

  • Upgraded septic and water systems

  • Installed cedar walls in the sauna

  • Improved the wash rooms

  • Upgraded electricity and plumbing



Your donation will help us make this critical improvement and invest in the sauna facilities to ensure many more years of saunas at the UKTS.  We hope we can count on you for a generous contribution.


UKTS is a 501c3 charitable organization as designated by the IRS.

Thank you to all our donors for helping us get a new stove!

Honor Roll of Donors

thermometer (3)_edited.jpg

             Payments via Paypal

       I would like to support UKTS as a:


Top Bencher ($1,000) ..............


Middle Bencher ($500).............


Low Bencher ($250) ................


Sauna Keeper ($100) ...............


Sauna Helper ($50) .................


Other Amount ..........................

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To make a donation by check,

please make check out to UKTS

Our address is:


PO Box 1064

Pembroke, MA 02359

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  Please note in your PayPal or check memo

               if you are making a donation

      in honor of or in memory of someone.

                    Please email

            if you wish to discuss

                 a legacy donation

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