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The Uljas Koitto ("Noble Endeavor") Temperance Society (UKTS) was founded in Quincy Massachusetts in 1892 to discourage the use of alcohol and illicit drugs amongst Finnish immigrants and inform the public about Finnish culture.  In 1927, UKTS purchased a lodge and surrounding land around Furnace Pond in Pembroke, MA.  For nearly 100 years, UKTS has provided a welcoming respite from a complex life for Finns and non-Finns who appreciate the benefits of a hot sauna.   Today, our sauna attracts individuals and families from a multitude of backgrounds, and ethnicities; from life-long members to individuals curious for their first experience.

UKTS's traditional Finnish sauna is a genuine wood-fired (dry) sauna, situated just steps from Furnace Pond, allowing everyone the opportunity to cool down with a peaceful swim in the summer or a quick dunk in the winter.

UKTS is a community of its Members, Friends, and their invited and accompanied Guests.  All Members are expected to pay dues and volunteer to operate and maintain the facility and sauna grounds. Friends pay an annual dues and are part of the UKTS community but do not have a volunteer requirement.  Visitors are welcome but must contact us ahead of time to arrange a visit.

The UKTS is committed to it's "Noble Endeavor" mission to promote Finnish and sauna culture, Temperance, and building community.  To that end, the UKTS hosts specific events to celebrate these ideals and invites members of other Finnish, sauna, recovery, and temperance organizations to participate.  The UKTS has also supported the Pembroke community through monetary donations to the local foodbank and other organizations.  

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